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Focus and Attention Towards Earth

Welcome to FATE, a blog aimed towards raising awareness on current environmental issues. The fate of all living and non-living things depends on the condition of our planet.

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Plastic-eating Bacteria!

Scientists at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have recently completed an experiment which proves that the bacterium...

Environmental Scientist Spotlight

Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to shadow Ms. Esther Luckhardt, an industrial hygienist for the California Environmental...

Environmental Shadowing Opportunity

This past week I was fortunate enough to shadow Ms. Luckhardt, a Certified Industrial Hygienist for the California Environmental...

Eco-Friendly Concept Car

Mercedes Benz unveiled an electric concept car, the Vision EQXX, earlier this year with the goal of creating a car with a minimal carbon...

Air Quality Flag Program

This past school year I was able to implement an air quality flag program at my school, Gretchen Whitney High School in Cerritos,...

World Water Day 2022

Today, March 22, 2022, is the 30th annual World Water Day. This day celebrates water and its crucial role in all of our lives, while also...

Environmental Science Professor Spotlight

Last September I was fortunate enough to be able to connect with Professor Patrick Sun Ph.D. of Biola University. He is an Assistant...

Drug Deactivating Envelopes

Prescription drugs and medications often enter our environment through improper disposal. This can have detrimental effects on plants and...

DEA Take Back Day October 2021

Last week the DEA held it's second national Take Back Day of the year on October 23, 2021. There had previously been one during April,...

Environmental Science Professor Advice

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be able to connect with Professor Iwaz of Cerritos City College. She is an earth science...

Huntington Beach Oil Spill

More than 120,000 gallons of oil are now in the Pacific Ocean as a result of a leak at an oil pipeline just off the California coast....

Greener Fertilizer

According to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, researchers from all over the globe have created a new and more...

Record Hot 30 Years in United States

According to government records, the weather over the past 30 years in the U.S. has been the hottest on record. Because of this "the...

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